And then suddenly everything changes and you are a freshman in High School. High School. Those ackward four years where you are obliged to pick a group, the teather click, the jocks, the mean cheerleaders, the punks… and you realize you dont fit anywhere. That is how Charlie feels. Shy and introverted the star from The Perks of Being a Wallflower writes letters to a stranger telling his life, the way he meets two people, whom eventualy become his best friends and change his life. In fact, some people say the book changer their life. well, I dont doubt that, some books did change my life, or the least the way I saw things.

I didn´t read the book that goes by the same name, writen by Stephen Chbosky’s, but it is the next on my list (I had this plan of reading all the classics, but I am getting sidetracked by all this good teenager romances, oh well, there is a time for everything and vacations are not made to read serious books), but I did get to see the trailer and it enchanted me. The actors are so cute and Emma Watson surprised me with her new hair cut and attitude, so far from Hermione.

Here is the description of the book:

Charlie is beginning his sophomore year in high school, when his best friend Michael commits suicide. Faced with this tragedy, Charlie tries to find himself by participating in life rather then watching like a wallflower. Over the course of the school year he has new experiences in life with new friends, and with those friends tries to over come some troubling things from his past.

And here is the trailer:

Isen´t it nice? I know you liked it, just as I did. But, then, I must confess I am a sucker for teenager movies. I know what is like to be a misfit and I can totally relate. The movie, as the book does brushes on serious matters, like drug abuse, homossexuality ( “be agressive! passive-agressive” – so funny!) and love. The trailer has one of the best phrases about this feeling: “we accept the love we think we deserve, said by Logan Lerman ( the pretty boy from Percy Jackson movies), who plays the freshmen Charlie.


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