I love living in NYC so much! This city is just the best, there are always things happening, all the neighborhhods have their own prettyness, all the boys are hot, there is no wonder why New York is so loved.

This weekend was relaxed here in the city, but at the same time, delicious! Especially today, I got to go with my friend to the Daylife fair in Orchard St., down in the Lower East Side. The fair was really nice, but Ryan Cabrera singing was the cherry on the sunday, closing it with the golden key.

For those of you who never heard about him, he was born in July 18th of 82, in Dallas, Texas, but he has a Colombian background. Influenced by Dave Mathews Band he learned how to play the acustic guitar ( and damn, he is good at it) and started compposing songs. In 2001, when he was 19 he managed to impress a studio engenieer with his self-writen songs and this got him the change torecord a full album full-length album, Elm Street, for free at Deep Ellum Studios. Later that year he signed with Atlantic Records and realesed his second album Take It All Away in 2004, the single “On the way down” peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and the album won the Double Platinum. For my the best song of this album is True:

The song talks about being in love with your best friend. Anyone that had felt this way, like I did, can totally relate to this beatiful song. His third album was realeses in 2005 and it is called You Stand Watching, the best song of this album is Photo, a track inspired by his relationship with Ashley Simpson:

One year later he realesed the single I Will Remember You that became the closing song of Will & Grace and also was used to send off the female contestants of So You Think you Can Dance’s 3rd season, the song is part of his forth album The Moon Under Water:

He performs concerts for so many people and getting to see this great artist so close was really cool! He sings really well and plays really well and his songs and really nice to listen to and so relatable, it was the best! Plus, he is really cute and sympathetic and funny on stage.


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