It is about time I talked about another type of entertainment here, one where you don’t need a screen to watch, or even money to enjoy it: Literature. Yes, books. Some people, like my ex-roommate don’t like reading, I respect them, but they don’t know how much they are missing. Books can take you so many places, show you new worlds, throw light into problems of your life, take your mind of things, help pass the hours, et cetera.

I love reading and right now I am hooked up in the last book of Cassandra Clare´s series Mortal Instruments, City of Lost Souls. I read the first three books so long ago and found out about the fourth and fifth just this year, but the plot came back easily to me and now I am almost done with the last one. The story is about Clarissa, a ShadowHunter and her adventures on New York City. The book is a mix of fantasy elements, like fairies, werewolves, vampires, shadowhunters and warlocks, Bible elements, like Angels and sayings and Clary´s normal life in NYC. Clare manages to have a perfect balance between romance and adventure, with touches of sexual tension. All the books have that spell-bound characteristics to them, that won’t let you put them down, you always need to know what will happen next. Cassandra has, also, the ability to explore all of the characters very well, you get to know about Simon, Izzy, Alec, Jace, almost as much as you know Clare, the main character.

Inspired by this book and my love for fantasy, I decided to create a little list of book series to read if you love fantasy like I do:

1. Harry Potter: It has been moore than ten years now, but this will never leave the first place for me. J.K. Rowling created a fantasy world that a whole generation fell into. The story of Harry, Rony and Hermione touched a lot of people and was the inspiration for so many things. Sometimes I hated Harry, but Rony saved the story with his always funny phrases. Sometimes I hated J.K., for killing all Harry loved ones. I hated her the most when she killed Sirius, he wasnt suposed to die. But that didnt kept me from reading all of them and rereading it more than twice and watching all the movies. I dreamed of Hogwarts, I wanted to make out with Harry, I wanted to be as smart as Hermione. The lack of romance of the first five books bothered me a little, but I guess they were to young.

2. Uglies: The series by Scott Westerfeld, is about Tally Youngblood, a girl who lives in a world where everybody needs to pass by a transformation at the age of 16, so everyone can be equal. The plot is set in the future, after our world collapsed, they decided to make everyone the same, so wars wouldn’t happen again. I love this series for basically the same reason I love The Mortal Instruments, it has the perfect balance of romance and adventure, but also because underneath Tally´s story there is a whole questioning about our species, about how we act as human beings, about our nature and that makes it all more interesting.

3. The Hunger Games: I cannot leave this one out, after the movie boom it had, everybody discovered this amazing story. As Uglies, it is dated in the future, in a remade world. But, unlike it, instead of a one-time transformation, the youth needs to pass by the hunger games. Every year. I love this book for the exact same reasons I love Uglies, there is a critic of our society below the story of Katniss Everdeen. Suzana Collins creates a world where twelve districts are ruled by the Capitol, who each choose two people from each district to fight in the Hunger Games. I wouldn´t like to live in a world like that, never. It would be like living in constant fear.

4. The Mortal instruments: I talked about this one before, for me it is a must read!

5. A Song of Fire and Ice: This one is just a little bit more violent and bloody and adult. But still is a must read fantasy series, so it goes on the list. The series start with The Game of Thrones, as  George R.R. Martin introduces three different plot-lines of a world in a forbidden time that goes through a preternatural event that throw the seasons out of balance and with it the whole system. Considered a classic and now transformed in a acclaimed TV series by HBO, the books bring together romance, magic and adventure that keep you hooked all through the 7 (yes, seven) books.

6. Outlander: Is this series Diana Gabaldon brings us back to the year of 1945, the post-war where Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, reunites with her husband for a second honeymoon, and gets caught up in a time travel to 1743 and becomes an Sassenach. How this all happens, you will find out on this beautifully and breath-taking trilogy.

Well, I guess now you got readings for the whole summer, so better get into it!


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