Walking in NYC – downtown

Oh well, it has been a while. I will tell, it is hard to write every day, especially when there are so many things to do here, it is not even a joke. You can get crazy, I am sure I am getting a little freak out because I cannot be at 2 places at … Continue reading Walking in NYC – downtown


Shape it up, NYC!

So today was my first day back to exercising and omg, I almost died. Literally, I am not joking, it was bad. But, the class was good and I will keep on going until it becomes a piece of cake for me (oh, it will happen, just you wait and see). Anyways, that is what … Continue reading Shape it up, NYC!

Movies about life

My mom sent me this interview with Woody Allen and it just inspired me to write this post. I think you can guess what is about, right? Movies! But, I have a twist, also. Just wait and see, ha ha 😉 The interview is really nice and it makes me love the American movie writer … Continue reading Movies about life


Lazy Sundays

Sunday is a day to stay home and do nothing, that is what I normally do and get all my series up to date. By the way, this is the topic today, oh, yes, TV :)) Anyways, this Sunday was diferent since the River to River Festival started and I am in NYC, so I … Continue reading Lazy Sundays


A weekend in NYC

Wow, it has been a while. But, lets get back on tracks. I have been busy with all the visa stuff, but I hope this time it will all work out. I really do hope so. Anways, lets get down to business, no chit chat about my complicated life. So, last Saturday I got the … Continue reading A weekend in NYC


The ackward times of highschool

And then suddenly everything changes and you are a freshman in High School. High School. Those ackward four years where you are obliged to pick a group, the teather click, the jocks, the mean cheerleaders, the punks... and you realize you dont fit anywhere. That is how Charlie feels. Shy and introverted the star from … Continue reading The ackward times of highschool


On the streets of NYC

I love living in NYC so much! This city is just the best, there are always things happening, all the neighborhhods have their own prettyness, all the boys are hot, there is no wonder why New York is so loved. This weekend was relaxed here in the city, but at the same time, delicious! Especially … Continue reading On the streets of NYC