I have always loved scary movies. I think it is because of my dad, he love them too and introduced them to me. We used to watch them together when we were younger, now I watch them with my friends. The animated movies, that is what I watch with my dad now. Anyways, I haven´t seen a scary movie in a while, but I am hooked in a horror series: American Horror Story.

Created by the co-creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk , the series is about the Hamons, a 3 people family that moves from Boston to L.A. for a frest start and end up in a house that is alive. Actually American Horror Story is about the house, or should I say, the haunted house, where so many creepy things happen. I love the series, the plot line is original, the acting is good and it is scary and emotional and erotic all at the same time. And Jessica Lange, who plays Constantine won the Golden Globe for her part.

Here is the trailer, so you can have a little look intoit and maybe get hooked into it, like I did:

And if you like scary things, here is a nice list of the 4 must watch horror movies:

1. There is no doubt: The Exorcist wins the prize of the best scary movie of all times, and we all know what makes a scary movie perfect: the sound-track. I mean, try watching with no sound, it so much less scary! And “Tubular´s Bells” is the best soundtrack for the movie about a little girl possesed by a demon.

2. This list wouldnt be complete without Hitchcock and he wins the second position with Psycho, which is considered one of his best movies. In this one the master of suspense mixes violence and sexuality in the story of an encounter between a secretary and a motel owner.

3. For the third position, I have to choose one of my personal favorites, which a very recent scary movie, Drag me to hell. Christine receives a supernatural curse from an old lady and struggles to save her soul from the evil forces that want to drag her to hell. I loved it, because it is scary but at the same time funny, since it is so unscrupulous.

4. The list wouldnt be complete without a movie with weird killing creatures, and what better on than Alien, directed by Ridley Scott? The movie tells the story about a coed space ship that has an unhuman creature on it. I believe you can guess what happens, right?


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