If you are living  in the USA for a year , you got to see all you can before you go back. So, me and my former roomate (she will be going back to Finland, which is sad..) decided to go visit the Capital of United States. And I am here to share my experience and a little more about this beautiful city.

Washington D.C. was founded in 1790 to serve as the nation´s capital and it is located besided the Potomac River that divides Maryland and Virginia. If you like museums and memorial and history, that is the place to go. And even if you dont like those things that much it is still a beautiful city with lots to do.

We stayed at the Capitol View hostel, which was ok, the showers were fine, the beds too, even tough the rooms were small, the kitchen was well equiped and the location is reallt good. It is close to two subways ( the judiciary square and the the chinatown station), to the National Mall and to a grocery store. We started by going to Chinatown on H street, to grab a bite to eat, they have some really good – looking places that serve chinese (duur) food. We ate in a fair priced one and the food was o.k.. On the next morning we went walking to the National Mall, to the Capitol Complex, to the Smithsonian museums, to the White House. wow. We walek A LOT and it was hot, so hot. But it was really nice. All the Capitol Buildings are beautiful, all with a greek design. From all the museums, we choose to go to the American History Museum, which is the one that has Dorothy´s red shoes, of Wizard of Oz 🙂 Than we got to the Lincoln Memorial and the view of the White House.

Close to that, if you like history, there is the National Archives, where they have the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Close to it there is also Newsmusuem, which is expensive, but if you are into Journalism, it is quite an experience. Right around the corner( or almost), there is the Crime and Punishment Museum, which is expensive too, but can be really cool for those who are into C.S.I and Law & Order, I know I am and I love it :), to close it off on the paying musuem, there is the International Spy Museum for the 007 fans.

After seeing all the memorials and buildings, and also the Botanical Garden, which is really pretty, I particularly adore gardens, because I love Nature. If you do too, you should check the Botanical Garden out and also the Natural History Museum. Now they have a new butterfly pavilion, which is really cool and pretty and colorful! We got back to the hostel to shower and then headed to Georgetown. And, oh my god, what a beautiful neighborhood! All these cute houses, it was so cool! We had dinner in this italian place, but there are so many options to choose from! And for desserts the famous Washington D.C. cupcakes, from the TV show. Obviously there was a 15 min line to go in the little shop, but the cupcakes were good and not expensive (as I thought they would be). After we took our time exploring the neighborhood, which has a lot of cool shops and restaurants and bars.

The next day we got to go to the Arlington Cemetery, it is a beautiful place, and most of the presidents are burried there, but I am not very fond of cemiteries, so I was not very happy there. After we headed to Dupont Circle, where there is a really big and cool Sunday market and then Massachusets Ave, where all the embassies are! I got to take a pic with the Brazilian flag <3!

Finally, I got the Bolt Bus back to NYC ! But there is a lot to see in D.C. and this website is pretty helpful: http://washington.org/


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