You who are fans know what I am talking about: Glee. I just watched the season finale, and didn´t like it that much. I mean, Kurt not getting into to NYADA? What was that about? Yes, yes, we all know Rachel is the star and she is oh-so-good, but he deserve it too.

But, I am not here to talk about this particular episode, even though, it is an important one. Graduation, how will the show go on now? Well, from what I heard, Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer are still in the ride, taking up NYC and they both will have famous mentors (more guests!). Kate Hudson, for Lea on a six-episode arc. The actress that has proven her singing and dancing hablities in the musical Nineo and Sarah Jessica Parker, our belover Carrie Bradshow, who did Broadway long before Sex & The City, for Kurt.That one is a good combination! Both fashion enthusiatics 😉

Other than that, I am not sure what will happen! But I am excited for season 4 anyways. I mean, I have loved Glee from the very start. I love musicals, I love high school series and I could relate to them. What is not to love? Also, they did what I have always wanted to: sing really well. Such an inspiration and not only to me. I love how the show is an inspiration for so many people, helping so many underdogs embrace themselves.

And all the songs on the show! The series showed me so many good tunes to listen to. So many musicals I still need to watch. I am pretty sure I got interested in Wicked because of it. And, oh, Wicked was so perfect on  Broadway. And, also, Rocky Horror Show. And that was so worth watching too. For free, with a snack on a park.

Glee has changed my life, even if just for making me watch those musicals, making me learn new songs, it did. Every episode, I would sing with them and cry and laugh. I swear, if you saw me watching, you would think I was crazy. But, that is just how entertaining and engaging it is.

And here is one of my favorite moments of the show, I am pretty sure is season 1, still, Lea and Chris singing Defying Gravity, from Wicked. The song is so perfect and at the moment translated everything I was feeling.


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