Oh, Miami! I had to make a stop here before going upstate. I came to visit a friend, and also because I really enjoy this city! First thing about it? I dont believe we can even called it United States, I mean, I can honestly say I hear more spanish/portuguese than english in this town. It is like a Latino island inside USA. Not that it is a bad thing. I dont care that much, I love spanish, but some people do care and get angry. I have heard comments like: “the cahsier lady only knew how to speak spanish! we are in america, for god´s sake! she needs to learn english!” , I guess it is true, but I need to say, Americans should also learn other languages!

Anyways, Miami. There are so many things to do here! One of the atractions I like most is just walking around Ocean Drive, an open shopping, with an art deco feeling, that provides beautiful arquitechture and lots of good shops and restaurants, like the Shake Shack, with delicious burguers and frozen custards and Make a Shake, a delicious milkshake bar, where you can choose your size and your flavors and they mix it up for you. They have everything, from normal chocolate to frooty loops, so you can make your milkshake just the way you dreamed. Simply, delicious. If you are a big fan of diary, like I am! But, before going to Ocean Drive, take your time in South Beach, enjoy the light blue waters, the surfers, the waves, the beautiful people and the golden sand.

I talked about the Latinos already, and to really get a feeling of it, no better place to go than Little Havana, the Cuban/Latino neighboorhood. Make sure you focus on Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street, especially between 14th and 18th street), with it caffes, night clubs, restaurants, like Casa Panza, with tapas and a kind of crazy atmosphere to it, El Pub, which offers traditional Cuban dishes and El Cristo, with delicious sea-food and appetizers and colorful murals. Also, dont forget to stop by Domino Park, even if just for a rest stop. I mean, you have not seen Miami, if you dont step into at least one Cuban coffe house and listen to Latino music.

And what is visiting a city without seeing its museums, right? In Miami, there are two that I love, Vizcaya, with its Italian Renaissance-style, its beautiful garden, now with an exceptional collection of orchids on display in the David A. Klein Orchidarium to the north of Vizcaya’s Main House and the broad galleries with very pretty art. This museum is excellent for a sunny day, when you want to relax and enjoy amazing views and smell the nature. The other one that I love is the Miami Science Museum , you can learn so much there! And touch things, I love museums where I am alowed to touch things! You can see the stars in the Planetarium, visit the animals in the wildlife center and learn about a lot of diferent things with the current exibitions.

Miami has a lot more to offer, like really good shopping places, where you can choose between Sex & the City vibe or big cheap department stores and a really good nightlife! There are even clubs for underages, which is great. This time I went to Mia. The place is beatiful, with good looking people and good music.



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