Wow, three movies, more than I saw in the whole semester, I saw in one week. The first one of the list was on a rainy Wednesday night, still in St. Pete, on the Muvico Theater. I like that venue, the theaters are good, the chairs comfortable, the sound good and the area is really nice too! Anyways, I went to watch Dark Shadows! Yeah, yeah, I know I talked about Burton + Depp already, so let’s skip that part. It is a charactery movie, that is for sure, but that is a trait of the partnership. And, well, a part of you already knowing what to expect from the team, the movie was really good. The characters were well developed, my personal favorites ( I like powerful woman) Angelic, played by the sexy Eva Green and Elizabeth, beautifully executed by Michelle Pfeiffer. She, by the way, was the star of the movie, really good on it. The only part of the movie that I didn’t like and  thought was totally unnecessary was the end thing with the daughter being a werewolf(sorry if you didn’t watch already), what in earth was that for? And then there is Elena Boham-Carter (as the doctor) opening her eyes on the deep ocean – is that the indicator of a continuation? Depp being cursed all over again for not loving the right one?

Anyways, I got to watch The Avengers too. I knew I wouldn´t like that much, because I have never been a fan of adventure movies or super heroes, but everyone said it was funny, so I went to see it. I confess the start was not bad at all. The characters were well designed and we all knew them already, which was good. But the ending part? Too much fantasy for me, just too unreal for me to get around it. And people clapping in the end? Wow, what is that for? But anyways, the highlights of the movie? Iron Man, I love Robert Downey, he is so sexy! I love him in Sherlock Holmes too. Black Widow, wow, Scarlett! Such a sexy lady and Hulk. Especially the scene when he throws Low Key from side to side. I guess everyone agrees that scene was epic !

Finally, I got to watch 21 Jumpstreet, I know it is been a while, so I guess I should catch up and watch it. This one was not for me either. I am not a big fan of stupid American humor. You know? People getting “accidentally” hurt, fake shots, really stupid characters and lines and jokes, no, not my thing.

I guess I should stick with the romantic comedies and the horror movies and the unlabeled ones like the Tim Burton´s movies. By the way, there is another one coming out! Burton and Disney! The main character looks just the same as Victor from Corpse Bride, but the plot is different. I think I enjoyed the trailer, what do you guys think?


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