So, today I was just surfing in the internet, clicking in Twitter links, I especially love to click in the YouPix links, they have a really cool site about internet  trends. And today thet had this post about 17 nice websites where you can spent your time learning. I, obviously clicked in all the links and found out(again, I should add-It was a happy reenconter) TED. Oh, TED, with all its cool videos of really creative, smart, inteligent people talking. So, I was looking through the site and came up with this video about creativity by David Kelley, founder of legendary design firm IDEO.

Creativity. What can I say about it? Before I share the video and you can all enjoy Kelley ideas about it. Once I had this class about creativity, it was about developing it. All the techniques we could use, like brainstorming, association. etc. Yes, you can develop it, but, how easy is that? You have to came out of the box, dont be afraid to be judge, the really creative minds are the ones who forget about self-conciouness and say their ideas, do their ideas hoping they will work.David starts the video with a little story about how his friend in third grade got his creativity moment cut off by a girl who said his horse sucked. I know how that boy feels. And I know the fear of rejection that cames along with it.

Theater. What a place to be creative! The stage, the lights, creating carachters, a wolrd where you are not yourself, but still I was always afraid to go on the front and improvise. Not that I didnt like it, I did I love improvising, but it was the fear, the fear everybody would laugh at my idea or would reject my proposal. To be creative you cant have fear, it will pull you down. That is why this year, in my Acting class I decided: Fuck it. I was always one of the first to go up stage and improvise, I decided I shouldnt let my fear push me back and it was great, I fell like I learned a lot more.

So, yes, anyone can be creative, I agree with David, as long as you push away from your fears and be confident. Another key? Know a lot. About a lot.

Oh, well, enough of me, I will let you guys see the video, it is really good!


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