Now thet youtube allows you to upload entire movies and whatever you want with no limit of time, I got to see Legally Blond: The Musical. Let me just first say that I love broadway. I do, I love musicals, I love theater, I love big productions. Many movies were transformed into Broadway Musicals, Grease, The Sound of Music, The Producers. All movies and plays that I love. But this new era movies? The ones with a lot of visual effects? Wow.

Spider Man got transformed into a musical and that was a complete disaster. I mean, the movie has so many visual effects, that cannot be translated into teather, even in Broadway. Legally Blond dosent count with visual effects, but it didnt transioned that well to teather in my opinion. The musics were not good or creative, the whole thing was too conceited for me.

But movies are not the only thing that can be made into musicals.Now games are being transformed into Broadway shows, like Angry Birds and soon enough it will be time for the Social Media musicals. I saw a really nice sample now that could be the next be hit. Mark Zuckemberg: The Musical. Talking about the Facebook creator, he just got older a few days ago, so congrats!

This is the video:

I found this one too, about Instamgram, it is really funny and sooo true, which obviously makes it even funnier. It is kind of a little sad for me, since I havent got an android or an Iphone to use Instamgram, but I will get one eventually.


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