Maybe I should this post only after I see the movie, but watching the trailer gave me a desire to talk about it. And not just the movie, but the partnership: Burton + Depp. They have eight movies togeher. yes, EIGHT. Some say is has to be a kind of record. It should, they are great together.

It all started about 20 years ago with Edward Scissorhands, can´t say i dont find the movie a little creppy, but it is good anyway. some say it is Tim´s masterpiece. The story of a gentle and kind boy who, like us all, just wants to be loved, but who, unlike us, has scissors instead of hands. Which means he cannot touch without destruction, but he can also do beautiful things, like the gracefully trimmed bushes or hair.

The second time was Ed Wood, not much to talk about this one, since I havent seen it ( a mistake, I know). The third was Sleepy Hollow (didnt see thies either). Well, I was too young for both of these ans since they arent classics like Edward Scissorhands, I still havent got the chance to watch it.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the forth one. I loved the first one, directed by Mel Stuart and stared by Gene Wilder, who is a great actor. And Burton did a great job with the remake and, of course, Depp was the perfect Willy Wonka. Well, that is just because I love him, because Wilder was actually better on it. I thought Johnny was a little over the top. But, I love the two versions anyway, and the book too, by Ronal Dahl. The story? It is about a poor kid that always passes by the Wonka Factory on his way home and dreams about buying all the chocolate he can. When he finally gets the money to buy one delicious bar.. he gets the Golden Ticket that takes him and his really cool grandpa to a great adventure on the factory with Willy Wonka himself! Now, who wouldn´t like that? I know I would, I am a biiig fan of chocolate!

In 2007, Depp gives voice to the animated caracther Victor, the shy groom of a dead bride, Emily interpretated by the beatiiful Elena Carter, Burton´s wife. She is in a lot of his movies too. No wonder why. I adored this movie: Corpse Bride. It is dark, but cute and the customs and soundtrack are great. The caracthers are good too.

And then we find out Depp can sing! Sweeney Todd is my favorite! I love musicals! The story is obviouslly creppy and dark, and the end is really sad. In fact, when I tried to watch the second time, I realized it is a movie to treasure, not to replay. To much blood for me.

My favorite song:

Then Alice in Wonderland remake. I cried on this movie. I just love wonderland and I can relate to Alice so much. Running away, falling on this crazy world where anything can happen. Learning so much about everything. The dialogues are the best part of the movie, andthe sceneries also. And Anne Hathaway, she is my favorite actress.

And finally, Dark Shadows, which I will watch soon enough.

The trailer, so you can get excited too:


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