So, today I went to see The Rocky Horror Show, I have been wanting to watch since Glee did the episode with it. But, they dont have it Brazil, so I got to the USA and well, kind of forgot about it. Then, I saw it was passing on the American Stage, and my desire to see it was reborn. Albeit, I waited until the very last day to see it.

It was so good! The show was good and the audience participation was so fun! There was this one guy that had a phrase for each line of the play and some were really funny and made everyone laugh. And all those people that got up to dance to Time Warp. Such a good song! And Rocky, oh so hot.

It was on the Demens Landing Park, which is a really nice, green park, next to beach drive, where a lot of good restaurants and bars and cute shops are and also to the pier, in St. Pete.

I try to go by bus, but the public transportation here is not good, which sucks, because I dont have a car, and Google Maps don´t help, since it gives you the wrong times. But, it all worked out in the end, so, I guess it is ok.

The Rocky Horror Show? I still dont quite grasp the meaning, but I guess the tranvesti is a big turn out for the time it was made and all the twists and turns and sexual things, yeah, I believe it is ground breaking. If you havent wacth it yet, you should. Most defenitly.

Here is my favorite song, just to get you in the mood:


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