In for a scare!

I have always loved scary movies. I think it is because of my dad, he love them too and introduced them to me. We used to watch them together when we were younger, now I watch them with my friends. The animated movies, that is what I watch with my dad now. Anyways, I haven´t … Continue reading In for a scare!


When in Washington D.C.

If you are living  in the USA for a year , you got to see all you can before you go back. So, me and my former roomate (she will be going back to Finland, which is sad..) decided to go visit the Capital of United States. And I am here to share my experience … Continue reading When in Washington D.C.

To all the underdogs

You who are fans know what I am talking about: Glee. I just watched the season finale, and didn´t like it that much. I mean, Kurt not getting into to NYADA? What was that about? Yes, yes, we all know Rachel is the star and she is oh-so-good, but he deserve it too. But, I … Continue reading To all the underdogs


I am in Miami, b**ch!

Oh, Miami! I had to make a stop here before going upstate. I came to visit a friend, and also because I really enjoy this city! First thing about it? I dont believe we can even called it United States, I mean, I can honestly say I hear more spanish/portuguese than english in this town. … Continue reading I am in Miami, b**ch!


Movie Week

Wow, three movies, more than I saw in the whole semester, I saw in one week. The first one of the list was on a rainy Wednesday night, still in St. Pete, on the Muvico Theater. I like that venue, the theaters are good, the chairs comfortable, the sound good and the area is really … Continue reading Movie Week


How creative are you?

So, today I was just surfing in the internet, clicking in Twitter links, I especially love to click in the YouPix links, they have a really cool site about internet  trends. And today thet had this post about 17 nice websites where you can spent your time learning. I, obviously clicked in all the links … Continue reading How creative are you?


The new era of Musicals

Now thet youtube allows you to upload entire movies and whatever you want with no limit of time, I got to see Legally Blond: The Musical. Let me just first say that I love broadway. I do, I love musicals, I love theater, I love big productions. Many movies were transformed into Broadway Musicals, Grease, … Continue reading The new era of Musicals